IVO Cutelarias is a family business, founded by entrepreneur João Ivo and his wife Maria das Dores in Santa Catarina in 1954. Even today, with the 3rd generation now well established within the company’s management team, IVO Cutelarias remains true to it’s original roots.
Our story originates in 1945, when Mr. João Ivo started his modest business selling knives and pocket knives while travelling throughout the country on his bicycle. It would be while on one of those trips to the Algarve that Joao would meet Maria das Dores, ultimately leading to the couple’s marriage some years later in Santa Catarina.
That was also the point in time when both shared a deep interest in the world of cutlery and  through mutual passion, determination and a spirit for entrepreneurship, a new business venture would be born. Their vision was to build a small ‘factory’ at the back of their home, with a staff of three employees. Kitchen and pocket knives were to be produced for sale throughout the country. Their dream would come to fruition, serving as the foundation for what is now IVO Cutelarias today.
On to the 70’s and another critical moment for IVO Cutelarias with the ascent of two of the couple’s sons within the company. It was now time to formulate a new business plan, expanding the company’s reach outside of the national marketplace and subsequently leading to a decade of international expansion. A new era had arrived under the stewardship and entrepreneurial vision of Mr. António Peralta, the current CEO of the company and son of Mr. João Ivo. Once it had been determined that the national market could not meet the ambitious expansion goals that were in place, it became clear that the time to look for international growth was upon them. The quest for growth would propel father and son on one of their greatest adventures, bound for Casablanca Morocco in their Ford Transit, searching for new opportunities where their products could be sold. That trip proved to be a success, concluding with many orders while at the same time establishing IVO Cutelarias as an international brand in the cutlery business.
Today, the company continues that journey on a much larger scale, developing and manufacturing cutlery for an expanding international customer base, resulting in IVO products being sold in more than 92 countries, on 5 continents.
From its early days to the present, IVO Cutelarias and its 200 dedicated employees have always been proud of the quality cutlery products that they have continually manufactured and marketed, ensuring the company’s status as one of the finest in the world _ KNIVES FOR THE WORLD.