Founded in 1987, Porcel, S.A. is a prestigious manufacturer and brand of fine porcelain. Located in the heart of Portugal, Porcel combines handmade tradition and technological innovation into the making of each piece resulting in high quality, elegant and creative porcelain products.
For Porcel the selection of the materials is relevant, each piece is designed, shaped and molded according to strict standards of accuracy. With focus on quality and attention to detail, the production process combines innovation with handmade tradition. Porcel porcelain fires at 1400°C and is known to be very white, shiny and resistant.
Pieces with Handmade indication are hand decorated. Each piece may present variations in finishes, colors and textures, associated with the handmade production process, making each porcelain piece truly one of a kind. Every surface is unique due to the hand-applied decoration and the firing process in the kiln.

With over 100 years of existence, Herdmar is one of the biggest producers of table cutlery in the world, with recognized merits everywhere, bringing to the market a distinct philosophy of democratic design which aims to present cutlery pieces as fashion items for the table. Present in 72 countries, with the promise of “dressing the tables”, all the productive process goes on in Caldas das Taipas, Guimarães (north of Portugal), where the third generation of the Marques family is now at the helm of the direction, standing up for excellence, creativity and innovation on this traditional business in the region. With a maximum production capacity of more than 100.000 pieces/day, and a team of more than 130 collaborators, Herdmar undertakes to ensure the continuity of the values that led the company to success along their already long-life history.

Over the many years of experience in the restaurant business, we have realized that, in the restaurant sector, barriers to entry are high. This situation prevents innovation, making it impossible for new and small entrepreneurs to compete with companies established years ago, without incentives to innovate.
Due to the initial costs and associated risk, WEAT partners have seen many business plans never leave the computer’s “file folder”. From this frustration a window of opportunity arose in the market: providing all the conditions to entrepreneurs in the gastronomy area so that they can test, start and develop their gastronomic business without the high initial cost.
The first national gastronomic hub, rents equipped kitchens providing gastronomic entrepreneurs with the advantages of a traditional cowork, such as know-how spill overs and a corporate networking network, reducing barriers to entry.