Reduction of Electricity Consumption at IVO Cutelarias

In 2016, IVO started implementing a project aimed at reducing electricity consumption.
At the beginning of this project, around 2,000 photovoltaic panels were installed, allowing for a reduction in annual electricity consumption of about 28%.
In a second phase, which will start next June, we will install 1,768 new photovoltaic modules. With this new photovoltaic plant, we anticipate a reduction in annual electricity consumption of about 32%, so, in total, we expect a reduction in energy consumption of 60%.
In addition to the implementation of photovoltaic panels, IVO also changed all the company’s luminaires to LED technology.
With these measures, we will be able to reduce approximately 610 tons of CO2 / year, equivalent to the capture of CO2 from 3782 trees.
We are constantly looking for new ways to provide energy reduction for our company in order to become an increasingly sustainable company.